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Mr. John Ekow Baiden, HoD


The Department of Accounting and Finance was created as a section within the then Business Studies Department in 1965 to offer the following courses:
The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Stages I, II and III; and
Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting option).

The Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) Intermediate Parts A and B were later introduced. With the introduction of the Education Reforms in 1993, the Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes came were started and the Accounting Department was created to run two programmes: HND Accountancy and HND Marketing. After a year, Purchasing and Supply was also introduced under the same department.

In 1997, a semi-autonomous section of the Accountancy Department, the Marketing Unit, was created with the primary objective of offering Marketing students a unique combination of opportunities to enable them catch up with the latest marketing management techniques. On 1st September, 2001, the Marketing Unit attained full Department status to run HND programmes in Marketing. HND Purchasing & Supply was moved from the Accounting Department to become a Unit under the Marketing Department.

The mission of the Department of Accounting and Finance is to be a centre of excellence offering high quality career-oriented training to middle and high level manpower in commerce and industry and to provide consultancy services to the public.

The vision of the Department is to turn out well-trained career-oriented students equipped with entrepreneurial and managerial skills to be self-employed, and, also, to be able to take middle and high level management positions in industry and commerce.

The objectives of the Department are to:
(a) increase access to career-focused education and training in commerce;
(b) support industry with technology and skills to boost businesses by mounting special courses to upgrade the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of those in the field of accounting;
(c) establish and strengthen linkages with both local and foreign institutions of higher learning to bring both partners up to speed with current global accounting practices; and
(d) promote research and innovation in the accounting field.

The Department offers:
1. Bachelor of Technology (Accounting with Computing) in collaboration with the Kumasi Technical University;
2. Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes in Accountancy on both regular and evening bases;
3. Diploma in Accounting (RSA);
4. Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting Option); as well as
5. Certificate in Accounting.

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