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The Pro Vice-Chancellor of Takoradi Technical University, Prof. Victor Kweku Bonzie Micah, has conscientized students of TTU to only pick attitudes from colleagues that make them more competitive within the academic space and beyond their academic life. Prof. Micah who gave the advise during a seminar for students organized by the TTU Centre for Gender and Advocacy said as much as it is okay to copy from colleagues, students must endeavor to develop extra qualities that put them above their compatriots.

Prof. Victor Kweku Bonzie Micah-Pro Vice Chancellor, TTU

“The question I will want you to ask yourself is how competitive am I? We are all doing Engineering, we are all doing Art, we are all doing fashion, we are all doing Hospitality and all other programmes. So if all of us get first class, how competitive am I? You should always have an edge over your friends or over somebody not negatively. You should ask, do I talk well to have an edge in that area? Do I dress well to have an edge in that area? What additional values have I given to myself and are they not about what we sit in class to acquire? Are we copying blindly from our friends, or we are doing the right thing? These are the questions you should be asking yourself because, if we leave a class of let’s say ten and all of us get first class and we all apply to a particular company, you should ask if will I be taken ahead of a friend, or will a friend have an edge over me? So please let’s pick up attitudes…that will always make us more competitive than friends we move out of here with“, he said.

Speaking on the theme of the Students’ Seminar; Enhancing your value as a student in a competitive academic space, the Director of Operations at PHI Century, Nathaniel KojoAnderson who is a pilot shared his life, academic and personal experience with the students to be guided by the fact that their future is dependent on seeking excellence.

“If you don’t have anything behind you, thus an influential person or millionaire in your family, then first class should be your target to make you competitive in the environment you find yourself…make sure your certificate takes you where you want to be go..first class should be your target and it is a must…whatever job that you want to do after leaving here, wherever you want to find yourself, your results will send you there”, he said.

Nathaniel Kojo Anderson while encouraging students to develop productive extra curriculum activities however cautioned against sacrificing their core mandate of being in school as a result. (canyou check this part?

Nathaniel Kojo Anderson-Operations Director, PHI Century LTD.

“Don’t use your time furthering somebodies profession at the expense of your course…Pick extra curriculum activities that rather develop you and not only advance others’ careers or profession…you should pick what activities you want to do on campus and the extracurricular activities that will help, because they are the ones that will develop you”, he added.

The Director of TTU’s Centre for Gender and Advocacy, Dr. Gladys Quartey, who led the organization of the Students’ Seminar giving the rationale for the event said it is to help students make the right choices while on campus.

Dr. Gladys Quartey-Director, Centre for Gender and Advocacy, TTU

“We want to make sure that we achieve what we want to achieve as students, thus how to enhance the values as a student in this academic space of hard work, the value of fairness, the value of integrity, honesty, the value of time management. If one enhances his or her values, it goes a long way to help achieve what one wants to achieve in society. We have individuals who have embodied these values and have achieved a lot in their lives worth sharing at seminars like this...just recently. we heard of the Taxi Driver who just returned an amount of GHS8400 and now he is a millionaire, so to speak, as you can see, now, he has more than GHS8400 in his account right now, a brand new car and a new venture. Some of these values have a lot of implications on our lives. So if you are in a hall with somebody don’t skip honesty, even if the person forgets and leaves his phone, just return it and the person in appreciation can give you something valuable”, she said.

The speakers including Sectional Head in Charge of Research at the Centre for Gender and Advocacy office, Abdul Aziz Seidu spoke on relationship Tit-Bits about Building a safe space, Communication, consent and sexual harassment, Digital Technology and Resources.

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