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Twenty-eight retired members of the Takoradi Technical University Chapter of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana, TUTAG, have received benefits of over GHS78,000 from the TTU TUTAG Support Scheme. The Support Scheme was established in 2016 with contributions from members as it seed fund and this is the first batch of retirees to benefit from the scheme as retired members.

Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun, who presented the benefits to the recipient retirees on behalf of TUTAG commended the founding members of the TUTAG Support Scheme.

“I thank the founders of this scheme especially Michael Appiah for coming out with this wonderful scheme. I believe unions are set up to take care of the welfare of their people. During their term, they also came up with about three schemes and I want to commend them for that. I am looking forward for another initiative that will help the members”, he said.

Rev. Prof. Eshun however acknowledged the contributions of the retirees to the university’s growth and hinted of the university’s plans to support retirees.

Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun-Vice Chancellor, TTU

“What I want to urge is that we take very good care of our retirees because they have spent most of their time helping the University and I’m very happy that they have formed an association bringing them together. We also want to see how best we can assist and help them because most of their time was spent here…they have sowed seeds for us to enjoy, so we have to help them. The medical policy that we want to put in place, we want to take care of the retirees even in their retirement to help their medical needs…Most at times when they retire, they die early but we pray that you stay long to see and enjoy the fruit of your labour”, he added.

The Chairman of the TTU Chapter of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana, TUTAG, Joseph Danso, said the payment of retired members benefit is simply in fulfillment of the current leadership’s campaign promise to make retired members benefit from their contributions over the years.

“TUTAG currently has a little over 280 members in good standing. We have several support for our members and currently members in need can access up to GHS10,000 loan with 10% interest for a period of one year.
The TUTAG Support Scheme came into being in 2016, so all members who have retired since 2016 till date are all beneficiaries. The size of benefit is calculated on the number of years one has been a member, so members who retired in 2021 should be receiving close to GHS5,000. The total number of our current members who have gone on retirement that we are paying them are 28 with over GHS78,000”, he said.

The TTU TUTAG Chairman after giving a breakdown of what members are benefiting, expressed the hope that it offers beneficiaries some comfort as retirees.

“We have picked up information that it seems we did not even capture some of the retirees which means that the total number of beneficiaries and the amount we have to pay is likely to go up. We currently waiting to be furnished with the details of such persons so we can give the accurate data. It is our believe that this will go a very long way to encourage our members and for our retirees to know that we still have them in our thoughts. We have been informed that they have formed an association and we are ever ready to partner with them to make sure that their association comes to stay and be an immerse benefit to all of us“, he noted.

Joseph Danso-Chairman, TUTAG, TTU

One of the beneficiary TTU TUTAG retirees, Emmanuel Agyekum Omane on behalf his colleague expressed appreciation for the unexpected benefits.

“I must say that we never expected to come for this presentation and it came to us as a big surprise. So on behalf of my colleague retirees I will like to thank the Vice Chancellor and his management, the current TUTAG chair and the executives, the past executives without whom this special occasion wouldn’t have been possible. This presentation actually makes me feel very much important and I’m very sure that my colleagues feel the same and very very appreciated for the little that you have done to bring this institution to where it is now. I know that with the formation of the retiree association, the link would be there”, he mentioned.

A former TUTAG Chairman, Michael Appiah, during whose time the TUTAG Support Scheme was constituted thanked all those who supported the initiative and expressed the hope that the scheme continue to grow to fulfill its expected mandate.

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